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Mindful is a tool that empowers you to document, track and visualise your mental health in the simplest and the easiest way possible.

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Our Process

We have a carefully thoughtout process which helps create an intuitive and easy-to-use environment allowing you to focus on what's most important.

Feature 01


Create your free account using your community code provided by your organisation

Feature 02


Our powerful tracking survey allows you to quickly and efficiently track the most important factors which can contribute to mental health

Feature 03


As you input more and more information we'll create graphs to provide you with insight into your mental health

Feature 04


After you've documented we'll provide easy, actionable ways in which you can self-improve

Powerful Visualisation

Our powerful visualisation tools allow our users to gain an insightful overview into their mental health and track the most important areas of their lives that can contribute to poor mental health.

Our cards are intuitive and easy to understand making our platform suitable for usage by students of all ages.

Certified Information

We've ensured the authenticity and authority of our data by sourcing our information from the NHS, through charities and by collecting information directly from psychotherapists.

Our tips are highly suited to students to allow them to make the most of the platform and the information we have to offer.

Security Protocols

For us at Mindful security of our client's data is the highest priority and we believe everyone should have peace of mind that their information is secure.

We've taken precautions to ensure security of data by using 256-bit encryption.

Mindful Stories

Mindful is a platform which has helped me significantly. It has enabled me personally to acknowledge the importance of managing my mental health and has aided me to monitor factors in my everyday life to help improve my well-being everyday.

Being able to track my mental health has allowed me to evaluate specific parts of my life and take time to reflect upon my daily actions. Mindful is and has been a force for change in my life.

Mental Health has been something I have struggled with in the past and Mindful has provided me with a medium which I can express myself through and fully comprehend certain choices that I make which affect me daily.

Mindful is an amazing way to track your mental well-being and stay sane in a constantly busy, bustling and truly insane world.

In the past I've used many different platforms to attempt to track my mental state, but Mindful has managed to encompass all of what I have been looking for in one simple and easy-to-use website.

Although I've only been using Mindful for a week, it has completely revolutionised my ability to gain clarity and direction in my daily life.


  • 500 User Accounts
  • Quick Onboarding
  • Access to all Tracking features
  • Access to constantly updated tips
For every 100 users extra
+ £19/m
  • 500 User Accounts
  • Quick Onboarding
  • Access to all Tracking features
  • Access to constantly updated tips


  • Why choose Mindful?

    At Mindful we have taken the time to consider the best ways to make mental health relevant to everybody and we believe our platform achieves that by allowing people to maintain their well-being and focus on the most important factors which can lead to mental health through our platform.

  • Can Mindful be used by anyone?

    Absolutely! Mindful was created with the very perception that everyone at some stage in their life will go through stages whereby they will need some support and at Mindful we aim to provide that support and ability for people to take back control of their lives. We fundamentally believe that Mindful is a platform which can be used by anyone at any stage in their life.

  • What makes Mindful worth the cost?

    We believe schools and corporations have a duty to their students and employees to help them look after their mental wellbeing hence we make it as affordable as possible by charging just 20p per user for our plans.

  • How do you protect data?

    At Mindful we value your personal data and therefore we utilise enterprise grade encryption to ensure the safety of our database information to keep your data safe and as far away as possible from any threats.

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